29 Aug 11

Hot Bunny!

I love blogging sometimes because it gives me an opportunity to share some of my personal life with you. One of my favorite things to do is to go lingerie shopping with my girlfriends. We probably go every few months or so but we always have an amazing time! One of the best parts is seeing all my hot friends try on these super sexy outfits. I’m not gonna lie guys; we do fool around in the dressing rooms! I mean who wouldn’t? My friends are as hot as I am and we love to turn each other on and watch each other kiss. But I’ll save those stories for another blog! Ha…ha. I have to give you something to look forward to right? Anyway, while we were shopping I found this super cute playmate costume to wear for you. All my girlfriends said I had to get it cause it made me look so hot. Based on all the action I got in the dressing room that day I took their word for it. But I’ll be honest my outfit doesn’t stay on long! What can I say, I’m Karla Spice and as much as I like cute lingerie I like being naked more! Enjoy! Click here to see more!

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15 Aug 11

Naughty Nun!

You guys are the best fans on the planet. I get so many email and letters from you its amazing. Although I can’t answer each and every one, I do try to listen to your fantasies and what you would like me to do for you. Honestly, nothing turns me on more than knowing that I’m able to tease you and please you. I want to be your sexy plaything and make you want to fuck me. One of the fantasies that you turned me onto was the idea of being a naughty nun. I imagine living a sheltered life in the convent and having you come to fix the pipes one day. I’d be the only one home and have to show you to the basement where the leak was. Your manly hands, muscles and smell would turn me on and make me want you so much. I’d sit myself down on the stairs and spread my legs a little bit for you. Then I’d start to rub my clit and watch you while you plugged up the hole. When you were done I’d let you watch me for a little bit as your cock began to swell under your tight jeans. Then I’d want you to make the first move. I’d want you to come over and take me forcefully but gently at the same time. I’d want to feel how strong your arms and chest were as you pulled me into you and explored every inch of my body with your tongue. I’m not sure they’d let me be a nun after I was so naughty with you but the orgasm would be so worth it! Click here to see more!

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1 Aug 11

Poolside Cutie!

Don’t laugh, but I started taking yoga. I needed a way to stay in shape, relax and unwind after I spent the semester pledging a sorority. I love my sorority sisters and they know how to party like rockstars but if I want to keep my abs and ass on point its time to get physical! The funny thing about yoga is that aside from keeping me toned, I think it’s made me better in bed! I’ve already become so much more flexible it’s amazing! Not to brag, but I know I’m good in bed. But lately I’ve been having phenomenal sex that lasts for hours and I totally attribute it to my yoga class. On top of improving my sexual skills, yoga also makes me so freakin horny. There are some hot chicks in my class and seeing them in some of the poses makes me so wet. Since it turns me on so much, I though I’d share some of the sexiest poses for you here on my site. I especially love the back bend pose because it flares out my chest, arches my back and makes my ass pop and look solid as a rock. I also love to show you how wide I can spread my legs for you. Not to mention how far over my head I would be able to bend them if you wanted to fuck me. Namaste gentlemen. Click here to see more!

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18 Jul 11

Sweet Yellow!

Today I woke up in an awesome mood. I don’t know if it’s because I got to fool around with one of my best friends last night or because the sun was shining but either way I wanted to look super cute and summery today. Even though I live in a tropical paradise I still love summer the most. I feel like everyone is having fun and free from stress that gets brought on by term papers and finals and stuff. I feel like it’s so easy to hook up in the summer and have great sex on the beach and I just miss summer so much right now. But I have a feeling if you log on and check me out in my bright yellow bikini it will add a whole lot of sunshine and maybe a little extra spicy hotness to your day. I love bikinis that barely contain my breasts like this one does. And I have to say, I’ve been working out my abs and it sure shows in these photos. Not to mention how amazing my ass looks around my thin little bikini thong. Log on and let me know if you’d let me be your summer fling. You know how much I love to get fan mail, especially if it gets me in the mood to be naughty! Click here to see more!

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