11 Oct 10

Rock Wall


My girlfriends and I recently went out to the desert to party. I know that may sound strange if you’re not from around here but everyone does it. It’s like a huge outdoor club where everyone comes to have fun and dance. No one bothers you because you are so far from the city and you can be as loud and crazy as you want. I always feel free and sexy when I go there so I wanted to share my secret spot with you. There are these beautiful rock walls that heat up in the morning sun so that if you lean against them your body is filled with all this warmth. I always wonder how amazing it would feel to make love up against these rock walls. I would be naked and you would be supporting me up so that my back was to the wall and my legs wrapped around you. I want to feel you inside of me while I feel the heat radiating off of the walls making me warm and tingly all over. I think my biggest problem would be not cumming in two seconds flat. But if I did, I would need you to have the stamina and know how to make me cum again for you. Log on so that you can see my secret spot and imagine what I would be like to have me there as your lover. Click here to see more!

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4 Oct 10

Miss Officer


There’s a new cop in town and her name is Deputy Karla Spice. I wanted to take names and kick ass today. I wanted to be dominant, I wanted to be in charge and I wanted to be naughty. I tried on so many outfits but the only one that felt badass enough was my sexy cop costume. I put it on and felt like I wanted to frisk the first hot guy or sexy chick that sped past me in a sports car. My cop fantasy is to be dressed in a totally inappropriate uniform. I want to have my hair down so it’s long and flowing. I want to tie my shirt up to my breasts so you can see my smooth skin and abs. I want to have on a super short skirt that shows the bottoms of my ass cheeks at the slightest bend in my waist. When I pull you over I want to be rough and turn you around on the hood of the car and make you not move your hands while I feel you up and down. Then I want to turn you back to me but now it’s your turn to be rough. I want you to pull my waist to you and ask me how bad I want to get fucked by you. You can tell by my eyes how bad I want it. What happens next is up to you. Log on and check out my cop inspired photos and make my fantasy your own. Click here to see more!

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20 Sep 10

Sexy Stripes


It poured outside today! All morning into the afternoon it just rained and rained and rained. I had nothing to do so I decided to sleep late and lounge around in my pajamas and talk on the phone to all my friends about what we were going to do when it finally stopped raining! I love to hear the sound of the rain on my roof and it always makes me want to be snuggled up and having sex. I started to feel really horny and bored since I didn’t have anyone around to play with. The only way I could think to feel as sexy as I wanted to was to share my energy with you. I started imagining you were over my house and watching me from the kitchen. I wanted to get fucked really badly but you were teasing me and saying you weren’t in the mood. The only way I could think to get you in the mood was to start stripping really slowly for you. I start unbuttoning my top and squeezing my breasts together. Then I get up on my knees on the couch and slide my shirt up so you can see my ass and how hot it looks in my white thong. I can see the bulge start to build in your pants so I know your hard now. I take my shirt off so you can see my breasts and how hard my nipples are. As I start to slowly pull my thong down I feel you come up behind me and now you’re in charge. Your hands are on my waist and I’m all yours for the entire afternoon. Click here to see more!

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6 Sep 10

Mesh Dress


It’s laundry day! Ha…ha. I’m sure that’s what you feel like reading about today right? Karla Spice doing laundry. But wait, it gets better. I woke up this morning and knew I had to do laundry. So I put it together and went down to the laundry room, which I share with all the people in my apartment complex. When I got there I decided that my PJ’s needed to be washed but I had nothing on underneath. You know how much I love to be naked so I risked it! I took off my pajamas and did my laundry butt naked in the basement of my complex! It was the best feeling standing there naked and wondering if I was going to get caught by anyone. I made it through the wash cycle with no problem. But when I put my stuff in the dryer and I felt it vibrating and getting all hot I decided to sit on top of it and masturbate! Imaging someone came down and saw that! Imagine you came down and saw that! Would you want to watch me get off? I bet you would! He…he. I always told you I had a wild streak. I think I’m going to start doing my laundry naked more often; it makes it WAY more fun! Click here to see more!

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