27 Jan 10

Blue Camo

Hi guys! Did you miss me? I sure missed you! I thought of this crazy project that I might try to do. Sometimes I don’t make the time for the things I should. I always try to juggle going to class with work and going to the gym, but it gets hard! Not to mention that my friends ALWAYS want to drag me out to the club to go dancing. Ok, so they don’t really have to drag me too hard. I LOVE going to the clubs and dancing the night away. Usually what happens is I fall behind in my blog or my studies because work for me takes priority. As you all know, I love posing for you and showing off my body. So, my idea is that I’m going to take one or two pictures a day of myself for one year straight and blog about it! I had this idea just the other day but I think it will teach me to be dedicated and disciplined. My blog entries wouldn’t be as long as these but just little thoughts or sayings that come to my mind. Of course you know I’ll throw a few of my fantasies in there for fun as well. Who knows, maybe EVERY entry will be a few photos and a fantasy! So that’s my crazy idea. If I do it will you read it? In the mean time, I picked these pictures out special for you today! I hope you love them as much as I love you! Spice up your life with me, Karla Spice. Click here to see more!

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13 Jan 10


Good morning! Well, it’s morning for me but for you it may be some other time like afternoon or night. But anyway, I woke up feeling super sexy today and I had to run over to my computer to blog about it. I had a really, really sexy dream last night and it’s still lingering with me as I type this. The funny thing is that it wasn’t a sex dream but a really sexy dream. I was at this club and it was super hot inside because everyone was dancing up a storm. On the dance floor there was this super hot woman that kept looking over at me as she was dancing and for some reason I was getting really turned on by her! I don’t know if it was how her summer dress was clinging to her taught body or if it was her wild hair and emerald green eyes but she was just so hot. I knew she was dancing just for me and it was addicting. Then one of my friends came over to talk to me and when I looked up she was gone. There is something really powerful and raw about knowing that someone is dancing or posing for you. Creating that sexual tension between two people is such a powerful emotion. Then I started thinking about it and that is exactly what I do for you! I hope my photos turn you on as much as this dream turned me on! Love ya, Karla. Click here to see more!

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30 Dec 09

Beach House

So I spent the weekend at the shore with a few of my girlfriends and it was amazing! Things get pretty sexy when you have five hot Latinas sharing two bedrooms in a tiny beach house! I promised my friends I wouldn’t give away too many of our sexy secrets but I’m going to share a few with you anyway! One of the rules of the house is that we do everything topless! It is sooo much fun to do things that you usually wouldn’t do with your breasts exposed! We cook breakfast topless, we read magazines to each other topless and we even had a topless pillow fight! That was probably the highlight of the weekend. It was really funny to see all my friends’ boobs bouncing up and down as we giggled the night away! It would have made the BEST reality TV show. I would post some pictures for you to see but some of my friends are so shy. But I did find some time to pose for you while I was at the house. It was the first time my girlfriends got to see me work so I tried to be extra super sexy in these pics. Love to you all, Karla. Click here to see more!

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16 Dec 09

Aqua Blue Bikini

Hi guys! I know it’s been a while in between blogs but my life has been SOOO busy! Sometimes between work and my college classes, I don’t know which end is up! But I have to be honest. All of the positive support that you give me through your email and letters keeps me sane! As much as college can get me wound up and stressed, picking out a sexy outfit to share with you puts me in such a better mood! I don’t mean to get all sensitive on you and stuff, but I want you to know how much you all mean to me. I love that you get to know me on such an intimate level through my blog entries. It’s such a release to tell you about my sexy fantasies and as you all know I love showing you my body. I get so turned on during my shoots that the stress of the day just melts away! Mmmm, I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it! On that note, I hope you enjoy this new set of photos. I’m going to take a nice long, hot bubble bath and read over some of your sexy emails! Hey, taking a bubble bath would be a great idea for a photo shoot! Peace and love, Karla.Click here to see more!

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